Jumat, 09 September 2011

LFS Skin: Auto Modellista XRG

Yo,Taku's here

After a long holiday i spend in Bali. I try to make some LFS skins. This is my 1st skin inspired by Ridge Racer's RT Nebulasray car.

After that skin, i got inspiration from Auto Modellista (you know, a racing game from Capcom (the maker of Street Fighter series). I played that game everyday in my childhood. I admit it that game is as exciting as ridge racer. Especially the tunes which is very upbeat. I'm looking for it's binary so i can play it on my PCSX2.

I add the black mask on the back. It's cooler i think, even not 100 % same.

More LFS skins coming soon! Gotta work hard for my next project! 

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