Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Cool Resident Evil 2 Ad

Ah Resident Evil, that is the best horror action game right now. I remember i was playing it with my syster. The last series that i played is Resident Evil Outbreak.

Speaking about Resident Evil (or Biohazard in japan) here it is, some cool commercial of RE2 in Japan. It was directed by George.A.Romero who was also directing one of the popular zombie movies, Night of The Living Dead!


I wonder why not Mr.Romero direct the Resident Evil live-action movie. It would be better.

Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Ridge Racer Unbounded? Uughh

Remember Ridge Racer ?, The Namco's arcade racer? To be honest, Ridge Racer is one of my favorite drift games. I have played Ridge Racer Type 4, Ridge Racer V arcade battle, and Ridge Racer Revolution. Very good game i have to said.

But what if Namco ruins the Ridge Racer, or i can say, killed Ridge Racer. Namco cooperate with Bugbear games (Flatout maker) will launch the brand-new Ridge Racer games, Ridge Racer Unbounded in 2012. Namco has totally KILLED Ridge Racer! Why? Because it has some elements from Burnout or Flatout which you must crush and destroy your rival's car. Come on, Ridge Racer IS NOT BURNOUT,SPLIT-SECOND,OR FLATOUT.

Here it is the brand-new trailer:


NAMCO! Why you did this? Please, don't kill the ridge racer. I want ridge racer as a clean arcade racing game. No damageable cars,no destructions,no explosions. Please Namco.

RIP Ridge Racer (to me): 1993-2010

Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Why i Love Drift Games?

Everybody loves racing games,right? From simulator racing games such as Gran Turismo,Forza,or rFactor to arcade racing games such as Ridge Racer and Daytona USA.

I love racing games. As i said before, i love cars and  the racing games which can give me an experience driving the car as fast as i can. Many racing games now has a drift mode that able you to show your drifting skills such as Gran Turismo 5 and the brand-new Shift 2 Unleashed. You can throw your car and control it and score points as much as you can. Tune your car to be the drift devil and drift it.

If you ask me, what racing games that i prefer? OF COURSE, DRIFT GAMES IS MY CHOICE. Whether it is racing simulation or arcade games that has the drifty gameplay (such as Ridge Racer) because:

1.Adrenaline raising: I think drifting is more adrenaline raising than other types of racing. You handle your car while it's out of control. You will feel your adrenaline raised when you try to control the car.

2.Gives you more satisfaction: In drift mode, your purpose is only to score points as much as you can. Depends on the angles,speed,and length of drifting. I feel that drifting gives me more satisfaction than other types of racing. I felt very happy when i scored 27.000.000 points in GRID rather than tackle the corners.

That's my opinion about drift games, you can accept it or not.

About drift games, this is my timeline of drift games:

2005-Touge Max G (PSX)

2006-Need For Speed Carbon

2009-Start drifting again by playing Battle Gear 4 tuned in my local arcade centre.

2010-Drift in TXRD2 and Gran Turismo 4.

2011-Focus on drifting in Enthusia. After that, moving to GRID and SHIFT 2 Unleashed until now.

Okay that's the end.

LET'S DRIFTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

Shift To Drift: A Drift Games Player Journal: Hello Everyone

Shift To Drift: A Drift Games Player Journal: Hello Everyone: "Okay i decided to make this blog as a journal of my drift games experience. My name is Azka,18 years old. I love cars and racing games,esp..."

Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Hello Everyone

Okay i decided to make this blog as a journal of my drift games experience.

My name is Azka,18 years old. I love cars and racing games,especially drift games. This blog if focusing on my Shift2 drift experience and drift car project. Drift games that i currently play is GRID and Shift 2

okay,here we go