Kamis, 29 September 2011

Corvette ZR-1 comes to WMMT!

Found this on WMMT forum


  OF COURSE! I will add the bodykit to my ZR-1.

Selasa, 27 September 2011

Blog Fanfic: Drift Racing Academy

I'm planning to post my fanfic in this blog. This is new fanfic about drifting, but i want to focus on how beginner learn drifting in drift school, not only about street racing and drifting. That's why i decide to put a title to this fanfic,Drift Racing Academy. This story is focusing on my new character,Seta Nakamura, who learn about drifting in his new school.

Seta Nakamura is a street drifter in Yokohama. Unfortunately, police caught him street racing in Yokohama bay. So the police suspend his S13 and the license. Fortunately, a detective who saw his drift actions told the police not to suspend Seta's driving license. Seta suggested by the detective to enter a drift school which located in East Japan. Seta Nakamura succesfully entered the school by showing his drift skills on Touge. The journey to the victory, has begun.

Seta Nakamura (Main character,of course)
Akira Tainaka (Seta's friend)
Ryuji Kosuke  (Seta's friend)
Sally Tachibana (Seta's friend)
Hikaru Saizo (Seta's friend)
Makoto Ichino (Seta's friend)
Inspector Hoshino (Person who suggests Seta to enter the drift school)

Coming Soon

Kamis, 15 September 2011

So..Ridge Racer Has Been Killed?

So,RR Unbounded features Burnout-ish gameplay where you can destroy other cars or building. But does it mean Namco kills Ridge Racer?

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I believe that Namco won't do such stupid thing)

New Ridge Racer will be released on PlayStation Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (I do not own all pics)

It will feature gameplay from previous Ridge Racer series!

I have to save my money to buy sweet PS vita. So i can buy RR Vita.

But at least, i can play RR Unbounded or RR Type 4 (with PCSX) though.

Minggu, 11 September 2011

Most Epic Touge Battle?

Just browsing on Youtube and found this vid:

I do not own the vid

BTW this battle is a scene from Shuto Kousouku (a.k.a Freeway Speedway). But it as good as battle from Initial D,right?

Jumat, 09 September 2011

LFS Skin: Itasha Stickerbomb

Remember my posts about Itasha on August? Like i said, i am an anime lover and want some anime tastes on my drift car. And now the dream comes true.

But i want my itasha different from other itashas i have ever seen. So i decide to make a combination between sticker bomb and itasha concept. I got this concept when i saw Dragon Performance's rusty itasha FD.

If you are wondering the girl on my XRG hood. Her name is Nagi Sanzenin from Hayate the Combat Butler.

Kawaii but still wild,eh?

LFS Skin: Auto Modellista XRG

Yo,Taku's here

After a long holiday i spend in Bali. I try to make some LFS skins. This is my 1st skin inspired by Ridge Racer's RT Nebulasray car.

After that skin, i got inspiration from Auto Modellista (you know, a racing game from Capcom (the maker of Street Fighter series). I played that game everyday in my childhood. I admit it that game is as exciting as ridge racer. Especially the tunes which is very upbeat. I'm looking for it's binary so i can play it on my PCSX2.

I add the black mask on the back. It's cooler i think, even not 100 % same.

More LFS skins coming soon! Gotta work hard for my next project!