Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Ridge Racer Unbounded? Uughh

Remember Ridge Racer ?, The Namco's arcade racer? To be honest, Ridge Racer is one of my favorite drift games. I have played Ridge Racer Type 4, Ridge Racer V arcade battle, and Ridge Racer Revolution. Very good game i have to said.

But what if Namco ruins the Ridge Racer, or i can say, killed Ridge Racer. Namco cooperate with Bugbear games (Flatout maker) will launch the brand-new Ridge Racer games, Ridge Racer Unbounded in 2012. Namco has totally KILLED Ridge Racer! Why? Because it has some elements from Burnout or Flatout which you must crush and destroy your rival's car. Come on, Ridge Racer IS NOT BURNOUT,SPLIT-SECOND,OR FLATOUT.

Here it is the brand-new trailer:


NAMCO! Why you did this? Please, don't kill the ridge racer. I want ridge racer as a clean arcade racing game. No damageable cars,no destructions,no explosions. Please Namco.

RIP Ridge Racer (to me): 1993-2010

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