Kamis, 31 Mei 2012


Sega and Namco, i believe that those companies are established rivals. Just like Honda Vs Toyota, Impreza Vs Lancer, or something like that. By looking at their games dominate the arcade centre in my country (WMMT and IDAS anyone?) I can see the rivalries between them.

But, let's not speaking more further about their rivalries. Because Namco and Sega just did this!
Yes, Sega Hornet will be available in Ridge Racer Vita as a DLC for 250 Yen. There is also a remix version of Ridge Racer theme called "Ridge Racer: Ridge Racer USA mix." that will be offered.  

I think that the reason behind this collaboration was this:

Yeah. PROJECT EEFFFINNGGG X ZONE!  Which is the results of collaboration between Namco,Sega,and Capcom.

So if there is a reason is there any possibilities for this car to enter the RR World?
Come on! RX7 from Auto Modellista! I know that game is a flaw but at least give this RX7 a chance to drift against other RR cars like Fiera or Promessa.

Anyway to end this post i'll just leave the video:

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